movebis gewinnt pitchwettbewerb des BMDV

Movebis GmbH gewinnt 4. Startup Pitch Wettbewerb Am 13. September gewinnt Movebis den 4. Startup Pitchwettbewerb vom Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr. Damit erfolgt nun die Beantragung der mFund2 Fördermittel.

Private Equity Business Investment Forum Fairmont Monte Carlo

MONTE CARLO – Private Equity Business Investment Forum: SPYCE Mobility Movebis GmbH and Club Vivano are pleased to announce a PRIVATE EQUITY BUSINESS INVESTMENT FORUM on Tuesday 15th October 2019 in Fairmont Monte Carlo. Club Vivanova is Continental Europe’s leading business networking and premium gourmet wine club, celebrating 15 years of success, servicing a wide-selection […]

Movebis APS is pleased to announce the BloxHub membership in Copenhagen

Movebis APS is pleased to announce the BloxHub membership in Copenhagen BLOXHUB is a unique dansk institution – a Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization. Founded on the belief, that the challenges of global urbanization and climate change require partnerships and new ways of collaboration. BLOXHUB is a Nordic launchpad for future urban solutions and a […]

Movebis GmbH founds subsidiary in Denmark

Movebis GmbH founds subsidiary in Denmark, Copenhagen Movebis GmbH is a Berlin-based mobility start-up whose innovative service Spyce enables spontaneous and planned hitchhikes in cities and rural regions for the first time. What makes SPYCE unique is the spontaneity, flexibility and comfort that the platform offers drivers and passengers through the use of predictive functions […]